Woman's Best Friend


Humans can really suck sometimes; we really can….


How can we be so self-centered and so judgmental, having ill-will for others…

while expecting so much from everyone else, but not from ourselves. 

We can change this, if we sincerely care enough to do something about it.

For so many reasons, it should truly matter to each one of us……


Beautiful “Lady” (that was her name) was an amazing soul.


Lady was the sweetest, most affectionate dog I have ever owned.  She was right there by your side so often, that you sometimes had to shoo her off just to put your shoes on.  She was a beloved member of our family that was recently deemed “Vicious” by the Court because she had been in a dogfight after accidentally being let out by a child who did not close the door all the way. 

Lady ran over to a neighbor’s dog (possibly to greet it) that had been off its leash by its owners, who were watering flowers in their front lawn at the time and were not monitoring their dog. No one knows exactly how this confrontation occurred (including the owners who were watering their plants), but because the other dog had more than one bite wound on its body, Lady was declared “Vicious”  by the Court.  According to their decision, it did not matter where or how the dogfight started, which dog was the aggressor, etc., but only that there was more than one bite on the other owner’s dog.  

How can we expect an animal to have the cognitive ability to know when to fight or not fight back, or to know how many times HUMANS have decided they are “allowed” to bite an animal they feel threatened by, when they are instinctively just trying to protect themselves? 


A human gets MULTIPLE CHANCES to redeem themselves when dealing with drugs/alcohol abuse issues, etc., but the FIRST TIME this dog gets involved in a questionable confrontation, it can be ordered to become a prisoner in its own home -- not only being locked up (yes, locked up) in a cage with a "secure top,” (the bottom going about a foot deep) and all of this inside an already fenced yard, but also being required to wear a muzzle whenever stepping outside of its own front door.  

Where is this dog's second chance? 

Where is the consideration for rehabilitation or possible community service? 

How can it be decided so damn quickly (or seemingly easily) to throw anything’s usual day-to-day life away, let alone a living, breathing creature’s life, especially when that animal had no related prior record? 

This sweet dog didn't fail anyone. In many ways, we all failed her…

-her first owner failed her

-her second owner failed her

-I failed her

-the Metro Officer failed her

-the Court failed her

-the City Attorney failed her

-her neighbor... failed her


Lady didn't do anything wrong (by simply being a “dog”)…

BUT we sadly did, as the "superior" beings.

As a result of now seeing her struggling with these many quality-of-life-changing restrictions, unable to live as a "free" being anymore, it was decided (one of the hardest decisions of my life) to put this beautiful animal down.  Lady could no longer live freely inside OR outside her own family’s home.

Before the vet gave her the painful sedation shot  to put her down, we were warned that dogs would probably bite because of the pain... but our beloved Lady, declared “Vicious" by the Court, simply turned to the vet and licked her face! There wasn't a dry eye in the room, from her family or the staff, who told us this was the hardest "put down" they'd ever done. The one consolation was that Lady was surrounded by her family (as heartbreaking as it was to say goodbye). 

I am a FIRM believer that "everything happens for a reason" and although I can't find one right now, I will eventually come to that reality on my own.  No dog or living being, especially one with no prior record, should be thrown directly into a situation like our Lady was, without taking an animal’s innate nature into more careful consideration — we should think twice before deciding ANY living creature’s life sentence, regardless of what kind of being it is. 

That sweet, affectionate being was a beloved member of our family and
will continue to be in our hearts and memories forever.



Once in a Lifetime Moments

Once in a lifetime moments happen every day.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.25.17 PM.png

When it came to the eclipse, many of us made the most out of the moment.  Preparing by getting solar eclipse glasses, taking the day off work, making plans with loved ones.  But why do we do this only for special events?  Why do we take such great thought into making the most of lifetime moments, when we have lifetime moments every day?

The reason is that the last total eclipse in the U.S. was in the year 1918 and so, clearly, this is not an "everyday" moment.  We could possibly never experience this again in our lifetime... so why not go above and beyond making the most out it?  But we have to HAVE TO think about this in our everyday lives.


Watching the eclipse was another eye opener for me.  Why did I want so much to make and prepare for this moment with my family?  We hugged and enjoyed talking to each other as we waited for the BIG moment... then actually took that AMAZING moment in.  We marveled at it, breathless, our hearts racing, our jaws to the floor.  The energy was amazing.  The environment was silent, still, we heard slight gasps from others in the park.  Some of them were with family.  Some by themselves.  Some with their pets, children, etc.  All there for one amazing mystical experience.  We all wanted to experience this once-in-a-lifetime chance that wasn't in our control.  We couldn't force it.  We couldn't make it happen.  How utterly BRILLANT and BEAUTIFUL is that?!  Mother Nature making such a connection with us, and creating one for us too.  Showing us, with such a truly genuinely gorgeous statement, a pause, a moment, pure beauty at it's finest. What a gift.  Even though she shows us the beauty every day, boy, did she make us stop in our tracks with this instance!

We need to live with this same intensity in our lives, to enjoy our lives, enjoy our loved ones, take time to enjoy those moments, realize what IS important to us.  I almost want to jump up and dance around right now (but I'll spare you lol)!

SOOO many of us experienced a solar eclipse high.
We were filled with joy, amazement, wonder, appreciation,
WHY WHY WHYYYYYY just let that slip away?!!  The answer is DON'T!!

My daughter that night asked me to lay down with her when she was going to sleep.  We laid there and she started crying.  I was confused why she was upset.  We had a TRULY AMAZING DAY... why would she be sad?

She went on to say that she was sad, that she would never again see that with me (her momma) or with her grandmother.  She would never experience that again with us.  We would be gone, passed on when that miraculous occurrence would happen again.  I told her that I might be there with her again but that she was right... her grandmother would not.

She stated, "I wish we could live forever."
Wish we could live forever...

I explained that many people felt this way but that I didn't.   She was confused by my statement.  Why would I not want to live forever?  Why would I be willing to die one day? Why was I willing to leave her behind (UGH, I'm starting to get choked up!)?  Now, I explained that I loved her very much and I would love to always be with her (yup, here come the tears) but that if we lived forever... how would we truly enjoy things in life?  How could we enjoy the eclipse?  "Oh who cares about the eclipse... I'll see it in again in some year... what does it matter?"  We wouldn't take these INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS MOMENTS for what they are, but instead, we would just put them to the side.  We wouldn't embrace them, hold on to them for dear life and truly reflect on them. 

We only have a short time here on earth.

Some of us have a shorter time than others and that is one of the saddest things, but unfortunately, an uncomfortable fact.  We don't know how long we will be here, but please, please, PLEASE, make the most of it.  I want everything you want for yourself.  We were not meant to be here on earth unhappy, miserable, alone, afraid... we were meant to live each day as if it was our last, love others, enjoy every moment as if it would never have another and just cherish it. 

There is so much magic in every day, every moment, every experience,
every memory.
Let yourself be a part of it, let yourself enjoy it, feel it.
There will be a day you wish you did, if you didn't.

Enjoy the things you have.  Enjoy the people you have.  Enjoy the memories of people you don't have now, but did.

Be childlike, be silly, be free.


For you and your loved ones who have passed on:

They are with you. You are with them.  They watch you every day.  When you are thinking about them and when you're not.  When you are struggling... look to them.  Talk to them. Let yourself feel them. They show you signs all the time.  Be open to those signs.

Hug them with your soul and let your spirits connect to each other.

For you and your loved ones still here:
Enjoy them, cherish them, hug them, love them, keep them close to your heart even when you're not happy with them.  You will look back one day and realize that those times when you were angry with them, frustrated with them... it won't mean anything later.  Just get through it together and get back to being present and cherishing each other.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.37.26 AM.png

For you:
Make all your moments count.  Make these moments happen and let them happen.  Slow time down.  Put life in slow motion (yes, you can do this LOL) by breathing in the moment, watching it, letting it in, and not rushing through it.  Don't block these moments with your busy life and all you have to do... it will be there later, I promise!  Hehe!  And make sure you make time for these moments.


I hope you have enjoyed this heartfelt post and that you give yourself a moment to reflect on it.

The Path to Happy

It's true what they say... Happiness IS a choice!

Sarah Lacko Inspirational Life Coach
Life happens... that's a fact.  
It's how you choose to handle it and it can either make you or break you.  We all fall down, but will you get up again?  Will you let the fall break your spirit or build it?

Everyone goes through hard times.  I don't care if you WERE born with that silver spoon in your mouth or not.  You still go through hard times.  As humans, for whatever reason, at points in our lives we look at other people and feel jealousy, not happiness for the other person.  It's vital for you to make an active choice to go against feelings of jealousy, hatred, guilt, envy, less and less... and INSTEAD to feel love, admiration, and compassion for others.  This honestly isn't for anyone else, but YOURSELF. 

Jealousy, hatred, envy, guilt and continued sadness can cast such a dark shadow over your happiness, your potential, your spirit, over who you really are and were meant to be.  That dark shadow is casting over the bright light you have to offer the world.  Now, you are having these feelings because you are unhappy with some or multiple areas in your life.  If you were happy... you wouldn't care.  How can I say this??  Because I was there!  I was unhappy, and jealous of others' lives, relationships, etc. because I WAS UNHAPPY in mine!  This is a defensive mechanism that we use to make ourselves feel better in the lives we're living.  So STOP those negative thoughts towards others, that really have to do with YOU!  You have to stop letting your unhappiness take control and darken you.  You probably think you are hiding it from others but you aren't!  TRUST ME!

Nice try on trying to cover things up, but stop and start using that same energy to FIX IT... to fix YOU!  Don't change who you are, but let that bright light that shines within you show the beautiful person you are. Keeping your true self from others is just a DAMN CRIME! 


So, are you ready to move on from the B.S. that pulls you down?  SWEET!  
Okay... well NOW WHAT?!

Here are 3 steps to help you find your path to happy:

  1.  Choose happiness

  2.  Find and grab onto YOUR passion

  3.  Kick self-sabotage and doubt in the pants

Now, you might look at this and go psshhhh... Okay, how in the the H-E-DOUBLE-L am I suppose to do that??  Well, it IS possible... now, STOP DOUBTING SHIT ALREADY!!  This was joking and not joking at the same time!  LOL, winky, smiley, hug, kissy-face, the whole 9 yards! 

Just like when you've given up any bad habit that you did often, it took a while to stop that habit.  Well, bad vibes, bad feelings, etc. IS a BAD HABIT TOO!  And just like any bad habit.. IT MUST BE BROKEN!  Psshhhh.. easy!  Umm... NO, it isn't easy but obtainable and sustainable... YES!

Let's start with the first one and MOST IMPORTANT...

Choose happiness.  You can choose to focus on the bad or you can choose to focus on the good.  You can look at what you don't have or you can look at what you DO have.  You can look at someone who is doing good and acknowledge it, even looking up to them about a particular thing that you'd like more of in your own life and let yourself learn from this person.  We can be so damned stubborn sometimes and our brains are like... "I have to hate on what this person is doing because I wish I had that in my life and I don't!"  "If I let that ordinary person (like me) who is not some goddess or movie star be an example... that means I've failed."  Again... STOP IT!  Do NOT let that brain of yours make your heart feel bad about yourself!  

Damn brains just think TOO much!  Hehe!

Just know that they might be good at this one thing that maybe you might need to work on, and that's OK! I'm sure they need to work on some things that you might have a better handle on than they do.  Team work!  Learning and growing from one another is key and can I say ... B-E-A-U-tiful!!  

Now, I want you to imagine you are with Peter Pan right now (LOVE this story and it's message) and you both have sprinkled some sparkly, shiny, light, gorgeous fairy dust on you, for your heart to soar, fly and feel free with happiness, positive vibes, compassion, admiration... joy!  Do it!  Sprinkle that shiz'nit all over ya!

So, you've chosen happiness... YEAAAH!!  Okay, then... moving onward and upward to find and grab onto YOUR passion!!  What in the WORLD do I mean by this?  What makes you smile, that you do for yourself? What makes you tick?  What in the double-hockey-sticks is YOUR PURPOSE??  Even if you have chosen happiness but don't find your passion, your purpose... you will relapse in your happiness quest.  DON'T DO IT!  If you do what you love in life, you will be empowered, ALIVE, fulfilled,

AND drumroll please..... HAPPIER!


Ummm, yeah!  If you love what you do and it fills up your purpose and passion gauge, you will, in turn, be happier, your family will be happier BECAUSE, if you are happy, then they will be.  When you're around a happy, smiling person, does it become infectious?  YES, YES it DOES!  Same with bad ju ju.  That shiz'nit is toxic and spreads like a damn disease.

 **Put your protective mask on and exit the infected area, NOW***

Sweet, we are ALMOST THERE!!  Time to kick it up and out with kicking self-sabotage and doubt in the pants.  HEYYY-OOOO!  So, I need you to notice that in order to go for your passion, your purpose, you HAVE TO KICK THE SELF-SABOTAGE AND DOUBT IN THE PANTS.  How in the world are you going to be successful in being happy if you keep yourself from what you love, enjoy, and what gives you pep in your step because of self-sabotage and/or self-doubt??

Examples of self-sabotage... "I have to get in shape to work out"...  WHAT??  For REAL, I have heard this one before, but really think about it.  Aren't you working out TO GET IN SHAPE??  Just sayin'!  You don't have to start by running a 5 billion mile marathon right off the bat, but you do need to start SOMEWHERE and then you can build from that, one step at a time!

Example of self-doubt... "I can't do this.  I want to go for my dreams but they won't happen even if I try, so what is the point?" 


These are limiting beliefs that ONLY YOU are creating. If you had to get out of a burning house, would you do it?!  Then WHY, if you are trying to do something beneficial for your life, your health and family... wouldn't you save yourself from unhappiness??  Just like you would run out of that house, why not go for your happiness with that same intensity?  You will survive by not changing a damn thing, yes... but are you just surviving or living the life you want? 

Why survive, when you can thrive??

In order to be successful, you HAVE TO STOP YOUR negative doubts!  Stop those wanna-be negative brain thoughts and tell yourself good things.  I'm about to bring it back right now, BUT remember Thomas the train?  I think I can, I think I can.  Same idea! 

Well, YOU ARE ON THE PATH TO HAPPY!  Welcome aboard! Continue to follow these steps and you will find yourself becoming more and more happy. 

I hope you enjoyed this read and that it helps your path to happy.
Good vibes & much love!

Sometimes, we need some extra help and that's OK!  I am here to help you as your Inspirational Life Coach! I offer a 30-Minute Strategy Session to start working towards the life you want to live and your path to happy, but SPACE IS LIMITED!  So go ahead and click on the link to get your self scheduled, when it works best for YOU! 


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