Superiority Mindset

It is actually natural for humans to think they are superior. It is something that is almost engrained in us. These feeling can cause us to feel:



More important.

More valuable.

We can ALL be guilty of this at times.

At times, we, as a human race, act as if we are the most important part of the world.

Think about it…

At times:
We can pass judgment.  
We can look down on others.  
We can believe that what we think or feel is pure truth and knowledge(or fact).  

We can find ourselves at different times feeling or believing this, when we should know it is time to reset our thinking and realize we are not the only ones.  What we think or what we say is not always right or just.  We are taking how we feel about the situation and making our own conclusions without truly trying to consider the other person’s thoughts or where they are coming from.

When I feel myself in this place, I try to:
-Take a step back.
-Think outside my own feelings
-Figure out the best way to handle the situation
-Change my environment if I am still having a hard time (maybe play music, take a shower, go for a quick walk, smell an aroma I enjoy)

And then, recognizing the unhealthy and negative path I was headed, I try to turn it around - back to the positive, to a more loving, good-vibes way of thinking, REGARDLESS of what anyone else is saying or doing.  I come back to my true self, who knows when I am the one who is not right or superior. Giving the other person the benefit of the doubt, I try to be aware of how they think or feel about the whatever I’m having a hard time understanding and relating to, remembering that I do not know what’s going on in that person’s life.

When we no longer think of ourselves as the most important one or act as if we are all-knowing, it will take a great deal of pressure off our shoulders and we will be able to be an “imperfect” human again, working towards not feeling superior to anyone, anything or any other being…

You get to work on what really matters… being a better human being and a more compassionate one with healthy boundaries.
(Boundaries will be a upcoming post, so be ready YAY!)


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