Waiting on Perfection


It’s interesting how our brains work.

We wait for the perfect moment or timing to do the things we want. Things keep being scheduled for “next week” or “next year” … then they never happen. I say this because I do it myself, and it’s a behavior I’m working on to move away from.

It’s soooo healthy to dream and I truly am supportive of that, especially being a HUGE dreamer myself, BUT there is a time when the dreaming takes over the do-ing.

Don’t live inside your dreams… live them out loud!

  • There will never be a perfect moment.

  • There will never be perfect timing.

  • There will probably never be enough extra money 💴 to pay for it… but think “around” those things & make your dreams happen!

When I was dreaming things up, I used to say “one day,” but I really should have been saying, WHICH DAY! For the things that truly speak to you, don’t put them off — start making them happen!

Remember, live your dreams and start making moves to do so!
Don’t live with regret now or later,
just live with the love and confidence you need to do the damn thing!