Sarah Lacko here! 

Well... Hello GORGEOUS, I'm Sarah!  I am the founder and writer of Inspired Vida.  I was a single mama who has put herself through college (with no loans, might I add! Phew!), while working full-time (not at a high-paying job or anything, bummer!) and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Health Science. I also have am a Certified Strategic Interventionist through the Robbins-Madanes serving others as an Purposeful Life Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Coach and a PiYo Instructor!  

Our minds and bodies are connected (obviously, lol) but having healthy bodies can help with a healthy mind.  Whatever area you want to work on in your life... we can do just that!  Everyone is different and has a different desire in their life and I look to help you obtain what you want in and out of your life (FLEXIN’!). 

Being healthy inside and out was something I lost sight of.  As a working mom, I have always put everything and everyone ahead of myself.  Having a healthy mind/body wasn't even on my list, (I'm a planner and if it's not on the list... It's not happening!) but I always thought about it!  I wanted to be skinnier, healthier, happier, have more energy, balanced, etc,. but I have ALWAYS BEEN SO BUSY (as many of us are!)  Now, I am back on track with this amazing strategies and a fitness program that has helped me lose 30 pounds and for others to drop desired pounds too!  With this program, I only workout 30 minutes a day and what a wonderful workout it is!  

Why did I create Inspired Vida and why am I a Inspirational Life & Healthy Lifestyle Coach?! 

I have a sincere passion and mission to help people who are wanting to make some real changes, to not feel stuck anymore, to not have deep-seeded fears holding you back, etc. BUT, to get back to YOUR TRUE SELF!  As we go through life and as we go through difficult life experiences, we sometimes get lost from who we are or were meant to be... I know I did.  I was in an unhappy place in my life, on and off for many years.  But then, I started to make a purposeful change in my life to BE HAPPY and I haven't turned back since!  Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not saying I am always happy, that I never stress or come across times that are tough. No way am I saying that!!  I AM saying, however, that when I come across these times, I try to look for the good that can come from it... the beauty and happiness that surrounds us even in our difficult struggles. We must always be proactive in our own lives to be happy and healthy!  This is why INSPIRED VIDA exists.  This blog is meant to be a proactive, inspiring & uplifting source for people to regroup, and for getting back to your true self, with helpful tips along the way.  All things that can help us be well-balanced individuals!

Growth cannot happen without change.
— Sarah Lacko

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Are you not as happy as you once were?  
Going through a divorce?  
Trying to find your purpose?  
Are your deep-seeded fears holding you back?  
Hate your job, but don't know what else to do?  

All these obstacles and more... I can help YOU figure it out!  I truly believe everyone is meant to have a purpose, to be happy, healthy and to be proactive in all areas of their lives.  
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