Women's PiYo Classes


What others are saying about PiYo:

PiYo is a FANTASTIC workout but don't take our word for it...

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"I FINALLY workout! I’ve said for years I would start but never felt motivated to until WyO PiYo! My clothes are fitting better and I think I found an ab!!! (Never had one of those before lol).

I think it is fantastic! I feel accomplished and love how much more energy I have the day after. I always leave smiling (how could you not when Sarah is the coach?!)"

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"I’m more flexible and joints and muscles that were weak, aren’t anymore. I have also noticed how relaxed I am after the class. I can take on Walmart, or a room full of unexpected guests and just go with the flow and not get all stressed out.

Love it!!! Everyone in the class is on their own journey, and we all respect and accept each other’s levels of fitness, body types, and humor. Everyone is positive and there’s no judgement if you can’t do a move quite as gracefully as others. Lots of laughter and encouragement!"

Here are some more...

Its an amazing fun class, instructor is fantastic.
— Ginny
I had more energy and my hips didn’t hurt the next day after my first class!
I have been working with a Chiropractor for months and the pain has still been there until, I had this class!
— an Anonymous lovely lady