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Hello Lovelies!


Welcome to my new website inspired by... YOU!  When people talk to me about life's struggles I often reply... "Sh!t ain't easy!"  This is because IT ISN'T!  But this is what makes life so beautiful...  it is imperfect and so are we! 

I have the following 3 categories that are written about here in BIY and I hold them dear.  They help me to be well-balanced and I hope they help you too...

Come along with me on a journey of growing, living and being the best versions of ourselves... for OURSELVES!  Everyone and everything else will just fall into place after that!

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About Inspired Vida

Inspired Vida (IV) was created out of my love/passion for writing and helping others.  Even though none of us are perfect, we are beautifully imperfect in our own ways and we all have something to bring to the world.  Life can be hard, and being perfect for everyone but ourselves is a main focus in our society, which will NEVER be obtainable.  This can be part of what contributes to depression, lack of self-confidence, weight gain and other things.  Reaching for something that is not reality or a positive goal, BUT what is reality and an excellent goal is being the best version of yourself... for YOURSELF.

Because I have a natural desire to write, make people laugh or smile (I'll take either one!) and a selfish desire of wanting to help people through life's constant struggles, Beautifully Imperfect You was born.

Everything that is written on Inspired Vida is what I have worked on or what I work on everyday.  My goal in life is to be happy, healthy and present in the now!  All simple things, right?  Simple things to want - yes, but not always simple to be.  Come read with me and let's become our best selves... one post at a time!

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Take Action

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