Starting Again

I’m starting again. 

Sometimes life seemed to keep happening, which can get me farther & farther to be the person I want to be and/or living the life I want.


For example, I had lost 30 pounds & kept it off for over 3 years ago, happy with where I was with my mindset, physical/mental health, fitness and had stayed at my healthy lifestyle during that time. 

I ended up gaining all that weight back
(plus, 40 ounces but who’s counting lol 😂) in the last 7 months.

First, I had disgust for myself.  
Then followed self pity,
and ending off with a choice/determination to go to where I was comfortable within myself again & where I felt like me again.

This last part is the hardest part because it is normal to keep cycling between disgust, self pity, acceptance/comfort with where we don’t want to be. I am for myself, as this is what I kept cycling around with for YEARS & even decades prior!

Some of my excuses:

  • I had a child.

  • I didn’t have time.

  • I was busy taking care of all my responsibilities & caring for my family.

When I was making this change in my life, here’s a couple I noticed:

  1. With ALLOWING myself to have a fresh new start within… can be the most empowering experience.

  2. A lifestyle is like starting a new life.

  3. Me re-evaluate all the things I was currently doing, with what you wanted to ACTUALLY be doing.

This reminded me, how much my mindset can make my goals happen OR not happen!
I must start there!

Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back from the life you want to live.

Live & love the life you CHOOSE to live!