Saving Humanity


To save humanity you must first start with yourself.

It can be grim looking at all the things happening in the world or even in your neighborhood close by. We hear things on the news, social media, etc. and it’s SCARY stuff.

And it gets us thinking…
We start pointing in all other directions… they should 👈🏻, those people 👆🏻, that country 👉🏻, that parent, that political party, etc.

But to make a change, we must first look at ourselves.
How can we help spark a change? How do we live our lives? How can we contribute to our beliefs?

We must think twice when pointing outward instead of looking inward.


Start with your everyday life.

Start with your kids.

Contribute to your beliefs.

In our family, we have discussions about different life obstacles, our firm beliefs, becoming better humans, peace, growing, dreams, and so on. Just because I am an adult does not make me superior! Just because I have firm beliefs, does not mean I am not open to someone else’s.

Us, as adults, sometimes forget we are still learning, still striving, still growing in our minds, still finding ourselves. The quote “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” stands firm in my beliefs.

So, as a quest to save humanity…
Remember, a good place to start is to save yourself first and then let that flow outward.✌🏼