Summer Ending

Summer ending is a strange time, well, for me at least.

Kids go back to school - a new grade, another year starting (what it feels like), the weather changing, new routines to adapt to., etc., etc.

Back to… normal.

It’s all kind of… weird. Almost sad, yet exciting at the same time.

The summer feels like those 3 months (or so) are going to go on forever, to give us the time to do the things we want to do — no rushing, and it’s not only about the kids, but a little about you too.

Some of “me” time can slip away when kids are complaining they’re “bored” - ohhhh… how I hate hearing that! The expectations not only from you, but your family, to “do things,” to make memories, to go on vacation, etc., but then it seems it all ends abruptly. It’s back to business… school, sports, schedules, (time management skills GALORE)

Let’s work on a couple things together this year… You in? SWEET!


1st: Take it slow.
I am working on a few things this new school year. I am working on taking it slower. Trying not to rush through it all. I feel as though I’m always rushing through EVERYTHING in years past. After all of that rushing, my little 5-year-old baby girl is now in high school… YES… I SAID “HIGH SCHOOL.” I need things to slow down, NOW! AHH! Ha Ha!

With taking things slower, not rushing through the day, I know I will be able to enjoy my time with my daughter, my significant other and myself!

2nd: Plan.
I want to make sure to have time with my child after school, but some for myself as well. Doing this takes a plan… a plan to accomplish some goals — to do that doesn’t require extra time in the day because we will NEVER get that (sorry, to bust your bubble about your non-existent, super-human, time changing abilities)… so INSTEAD… we will PLAN!

This is my excited face! If you couldn’t tell, HAHA!

This is my excited face! If you couldn’t tell, HAHA!

Plan specific times in your day when you can carve out time for these things & enjoy them, because you were able to manage your time well! I’ll be doing the same! Also, CHECK OUT my new FREEBIE that can help with this! I don’t know about you, but I love tools that can help me live my best life! But, remember, actually use the “tools” or they won’t work!

3rd (& last step): Have boundaries.
For getting things done in your life and prioritizing, you must have boundaries to make them happen. Boundaries with your friends, family or people asking something from you.

If you are doing everything for everyone else… you will not be able to do the things YOU want and need for yourself. Talk to your peeps about this and lay it out. If they are your true peeps, they will understand and they will support you.

So, are you ready??! ME TOO!

Keep me posted . . .