Being Better

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society focuses on “being better than the other person”
rather than just “being better ourselves.”

As a member of society… we are often competitive, “bitchy,” particular, etc., instead of focusing our energy on being better by……
-Dealing with things in a positive way
-Working on having more patience
-Working on having more compassion
-Lending a helping hand, even if you don’t have to

It is easier for us to look at others and judge them instead of looking at ourselves to see what WE need to fix, grow, or evolve into. 
Focusing on others takes the focus off us. 

When you feel yourself doing this…


  • ACKNOWLEDGE how were negative/own it

  • THINK how you react next time with your positive self

We can do this in so many areas of our lives, especially those involving our:


These are areas you really cannot control, so stop freaking out (if you are); it isn’t changing anything EXCEPT YOU.  You change what YOU can… which is YOU!  (In a loving way.)

We don’t want to be kind to others and not be kind to ourselves either. 

This post is sent to you with so much love, positive vibes, and many, many good intentions.


We are all HUMANS, and being “human” means NONE OF US ARE PERFECT!