Leaning on Others

Whoa…  bring this up to a very independent person and they’re like, “NOPE!”
Guess, what?! If you’re thinking that then this post is for you!

I know this because I’ve been one of them
(and still struggle with being too much of one) 

 I’ve had trouble at different stages in my life, different ages, and I would never really reach out to anyone. 

 “I can handle things myself!”

 I didn’t want to bother anyone or feel the shame I would put on myself for asking.

But, why?
Why would I shame myself for feeling this way? 

It wasn’t anyone else making me feel this way, it was only me and what was in my head about it; about not wanting to be a bother; about not wanting to feel like, somehow, I failed.

Quite honestly, it is still something I can still struggle with.  Just ask my boyfriend when I am trying to do something on my own, when it CLEARLY looks like I could use a hand…
”I’m fine.”
”I can do it.”
Or just silence… not saying a thing or shutting out people close to me.

As I have become older and life continues to teach me lessons, I’ve learned that there is definitely a difference between being independent and being TOO independent.  Shoot, maybe we could even call it being a bit stubborn or hard-headed… agree?

My fellow independent ladies… I love you!
I appreciate your strength.
I appreciate your determination.
And, I appreciate when you can take this to a whole other level and ask for help when you need it!

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.28.59 PM.png

 Next time, when someone offers us help,

Next time, when we’re struggling,

If we need help,


R E M E M B E R, this does not make us weak... if anything, it actually makes us stronger 💪🏻