Writing & Dreams

Did you ever watch a movie and it completely resides with you as a person?
Like, thinking to yourself, “I am just like that” In a way, my life is different, but I am JUST like that person.

(Weird for the title to be about writing and then I’m talking about movies, right?! LOL)

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Well, I watched the movie, Julie & Julia. This movie didn’t reside with me because of the cooking part, although I do enjoy cooking and eating. It resided with me because of her passion for writing. It was so VERY cool to see another woman (this movie is based on a true story) just going for something AND it really wasn’t for anyone else but her. She wanted to prove to herself she could do the things she loved.

Writing & Life are a TOTAL passion for me.
When I say “Life” I’m speaking of living my best life
full of joy, growth, gratitude, health, and love.

Now, Julie (in the movie) enjoyed writing & cooking so she decided to do a webesit/blog about cooking. Even though she loved doing both writing & cooking it was by NO MEANS EASY for her! Doing the things you love doesn’t mean it is supposed to be easy. If is was too easy, would we really want to do it? Would it makes us feel accomplished?

I think we are meant to challenge ourselves and push ourselves for more.

When I have done this for myself, I noticed that:

  • I felt better about myself

  • I felt myself growing as an individual

  • I fed my spirit

Let me explain a couple reasons why I felt this way:

  • I was a more patient person with my family.
    It’s weird. I can have more patience with a stranger but, when it comes to my family, I can feel myself being less patient at times. When I would do something to push myself, I feel better about myself and it rolls over onto them. They enjoy that! Haha.

  • When showing myself love and feeling my own self-worth, other women would become inspired in a positive direction, too!
    Taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself shows that you CAN make the time. When you give yourself some TLC, the glow comes with loving yourself!

  • Leading by example for my child.
    Not just preaching something I don’t do myself. (I’ve been guilty of this a couple time, hehe)

So, what is something you would like to start doing for yourself (or for someone else, but something that is going to benefit you too)?

I would LOVE to hear what you are going for!