Love Your Life

If you are not in love with your life... it is time to fall in love with it!

When we are always rushing through life, rushing through beautiful moments, focusing on ALL our responsibilities, duties, etc.. How can we love how our life is going? We are always on to the next thing, stressing... never really enjoying what we have at that moment.

So, let's get focused on how to START or continue loving our lives. 

The following steps will help you start refocusing your gaze on appreciating and loving the life you have AND want!

Keep your focus on:

  1. Self-love

  2. Being present

  3. Trust

  4. Do things you love

  5. Learn to say "No"

  6. Go for your goals

When you feel yourself not loving what you're doing or where you are at... STOP what you're doing and rethink these focuses and see where you are lacking.  Take a screenshot of this, keep it in your "heart" pictures so it doesn't get lost, have it has your background. Do what you need to do! Also, know that these do not need to happen in this order. Pick what is best for you or pick all of that at once!

Here it is:
Take your screenshoot, Pin It on Pinterest, whatever you need to do BooBoo!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 12.35.50 PM.png

Time to break these PUPPIES down (I love puppies! haha)...


If you do not show yourself self-love... HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE?

Look in the mirror for 1-10 minutes (YES, I wrote that right), start writing on that mirror in HOT pink lipstick what you LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF!  Why are you AWESOME?  Because I know you are and we need to make sure you understand that too!  The negative B.S. that tries to take over this exercise (it will happen) PUNCH IT IN THE FACE... NOBODY's GOT TIME FOR NEGATIVITY!  There is TOO MUCH of that in the world and you don't need that while your lovin' on why you ARE FREAKIN' AMAZING!

Maybe you have things to work on, but we will get there, just not yet. 
In this moment.... 

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.41.40 PM.png

Focus on Love,

Also, look at some of your "flaws" (I do not like the word) and write on that mirror why you like that "flaw" a/k/a your characteristics.  For example, about myself, I am snort and I have a crack in my front tooth that I also like as well!  It makes me, well ME!


Enjoy the moments as they are happening. You do not have to have everything documented with a picture or by posting something… just be there.

Many times, as beautiful moments are being created, our minds are somewhere else or thinking about the next thing.

Work on saying to your brain… “STOP! Enjoy this moment!” Then, refocus your energy on what you know you should be enjoying that moment.


Trust yourself. Trust the people you love. And trust that people are trying their best.

Without trust, how can you be positive, either with yourself or with other people?
How can you really enjoy anything if you are worried about everything and mistrust everyone?

Answers: You can’t!


How can you appreciate or even enjoy anything if you aren't doing the things YOU love?

Many, MANY times we just get ???TAKING??? over one thing.  Some moms answer that they love hanging out with their kids, WHICH I TOTALLY GET, BUT you also need to do things just for you!  Even if it’s little things, I repeat... do things JUST FOR YOU!

To fully love others & enjoy them,
you need to show yourself some attention & love too. 

That could be:

  • Working on goals

  • Getting a massage (WHOOO HOOO!)

  • Taking walks alone or with a loved one

  • Taking a bubble bath

  • Hiking

  • Reading

  • Enjoying some quiet time
    (P.S. these are all things I enjoy doing for myself!)

Having a healthy mindset starts and ends with you! 

Doing things you love re-energize yourself as a person will help you maintain a healthy mindset.


Can you often a people pleaser? Is your first reaction to say “yes”?

Well, I am sorry friend, but we need to change this. Not being able to say “no” or “no thank you” (for those of you with manners, haha), will help you to not be overwhelmed and to avoid resentment towards others. If you feel like you keep saying yes to things that you do NOT want to say yes to, or feel like your niceness (is that a real word?) is being used against you… Well, start saying “no” when someone asks you something and you find yourself forcing a smile, holding your breath, or having that angel/devil fight going on over your shoulder. Remember, you can always change your mind if you decide later that you actually want to do that something.

Tell them… I am working on saying “no” to things, so thank you so much for being supportive and letting me practice!


Here’s a big one!

Realize, that all of these (or some of these) need to happen for you to achieve or keep achieving your goals.

Remember, when you were a kid and you really earned something by working hard for it? That feeling happens when you go for something out of your comfort zone and you accomplish it!

Doing something scary is actually INCREDIBLY good for you! It’s going to remind you that you are still ALIVE and that you, in fact, can accomplish hard shit!


You can read a bunch of stuff, go to classes, get your “ommm”... on, WHICH ARE ALL GREAT 👍🏻 STRATEGIES... BUT, if you do not apply them to your life, do things that make you happy, enjoy the precious moments that you’re given, or slow down your brain & work to keep it in check... 

You will struggle with a balanced, positive and healthy mindset! 

Remember, when you feel like you lose sight of this at times (there is no way around this), think of R&R. RESET yourself and REMIND yourself of what life you truly want to live.


If you are struggling with this, then it is time for changes. Maybe it is a few little changes at a time or ALL of them at once, but as long as you are working towards loving your life, with these focuses, it is going to HELP YOU LOVE YOURSELF & THE PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT INHABIT YOUR LIFE!