The 3 S's Morning Routine: How You Should Start Your Morning Every Day!

OKAY... So, it is time to switch up your morning routine, eh (in a Canadian accent)?! Actually needing a healthy morning routine?!!  Sick & tired of being... sick & tired?!

Well, a year ago I could look at these questions and go... "Man, I need that!  I need to get my sh!t together!"

Now, if you can relate to this, then your body is telling you (or SCREAMING) at you to change something!  It wants/NEEDS something more or something else completely! This post will be a great morning routine for what your body needs.  The 3 S's Morning Routine is an AMAZING way to start your day out on the right side of the bed (or left, I don't know what side you sleep on!).

The 3 S's Morning Routine is as follows:

  1.  Sweat 

  2.  Shower (Well... I don't want you to smell... you're welcome!! hehe)

  3.  Shake

When you're reading this, you might be going "Okay, so I can do the shower and shake but the sweat part, really?!?"  "I hate mornings,"  "I don't have time to do this in the morning,"  "Is this chick crazy, I've got kids!"  So, yes, I am crazy... anyone who knows me, knows that this is true (haha) BUT to the rest of your concerns, I understand.  I was thinking the same thing, HENCE why I am reading your mind right now.  BUT once you get out of your head with the excuses why you can't do this and actually give this a shot you, will feel so good and wonder why you never did this sooner.

Getting your sweat on in the morning has SOOO MANY BENEFITS!  I won't be able to list them all because I am not going to make this a long post, BUT there is so much information and research out there on why this is the way to go! 


The top 8 reasons why: 

Whooooo hoooooo.... Getting my sweat on & OH.MY.GOODNESS... did it feel AMAZING! 

Whooooo hoooooo.... Getting my sweat on & OH.MY.GOODNESS... did it feel AMAZING! 

  1. Kick-start your metabolism - Working out on an empty stomach has your body making a beeline for your stored fat!  PSHH... who doesn't want that?  Go for that fat! Not only does it have your body go straight for that stored fat (that you don't plan on using during your hibernation period), but it has your metabolism going strong ALL day long!  FLEX THOSE INVISIBLE METABOLISM MUSCLES! 
  2. Become energized - Do you look at some people and go, "How in the {bleep} can they be so upbeat every day?!  Well, that person might work out in the morning! Working out in the mornings can keep you energized for the whole day. Actually, the other day, I was talking to a co-worker about my awesome workout I did that morning and they replied, "Yeah, I can tell you worked out.  You are all upbeat and energized!"  I thought to myself, wow!  Is it really that noticeable?!  I guess so! 
  3. Sleep better at night - Studies have shown that exercise/workouts can help improve sleep.  It is actually recommended for those that have trouble sleeping or have sleeping disorders. 
  4. Happier - When you work out, your brain releases dopamine (improves your mood and long-term memory), serotonin (improves agreeable social behavior; so be prepared to make more friends! Haha!) and endorphins (which helps to overcome pain & stress AND endorphins are released when you laugh out loud too; hopefully, this post makes you laugh at some points, so we can start getting the endorphins going already! BOOM!).  This feeling of happiness that improves your mood, social behavior, etc., actually builds up over time as well.  So, keep working out regularly!  Working out just doesn't make you a happier person in the short term, but long term as well!  WINNING!! 
  5. Less stressed - Not only is your body releasing dopamine, which gives you a natural high, but physical activity can help get your worries off your mind.  During physical activity, your body and brain are focused on a different stressor... getting through your workout!  This is completely healthy.  If you are a worrier like many of us, working out is GREAT for YOU!  Get your exercise in and then come back to your worry or problem with a clear mind.
  6. Think clearer - While working out and after, your brain has calmness and clarity. Who doesn't need that?  Your brain is releasing endorphins with this good dose of stress and is actually able to better function. 
  7. Natural painkiller - Believe it or not (now, this isn't Ripley's Believe It or Not), those endorphins that are being released when exercising, work similar to morphine.  Crazy right? I was listening to a TED Talk Podcast (LOVE that podcast!) the other day titled "Feeling Good" and it stated that there are more patients who have chronic pain compared to those with cancer, diabetes and heart disease put together!  WOW; I was shocked when I heard this!  Of course, if chronic pain is something you struggle with, consult your doctor... but I would guess that they would be good with some form of a physical activity.  If you are really unable to work out, kinesthetics could be a great way to get your body moving, because I ALWAYS say something is better than nothing!  BUT, once again, I'm not a doctor, so... CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR!
  8. A feeling of accomplishment - You haven't even really started your day and you have ALREADY accomplished something for YOURSELF!  You did something that helps with all these things listed above by getting up and doing it!  High-five self-esteem, high-five you bad-ass, high-five you sexy... person!!  You got up, did it and it's DONE!  I can tell you from my personal experience, I feel so damn good when I know I have started the day doing something for myself that totally benefits my mental & physical health!  I know I am not only planning on living a long healthy life for myself, but also for my family, but I am WORKING FOR IT!  My daughter also gets to see my healthy habits because she is always watching.  She will even remind me, "Mom, you didn't do your workout yet!"  LOL!  They want us to be healthy and they probably notice the difference in our happiness too!  My daughter is sometimes probably like, "can you go workout already so you can stop nagging me and get happy!!"  Hahaha!! 

NOW... Moving onto # 2- Get your SHOWER ON:

This needs no explanation other then you need to go get your sweaty butt in the shower!!  However, if you need an AMAZING facial regimen check on this ALL NA-TU-RAL one!  Now go on... get in the shower! 

Last, but not least # 3- Get your shake on:

Now, you might be thinking... "Why a shake?!" Well, let me tell you!  Having a shake is awesome because you can Ninja up some healthy shiz'nit (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.) into one cup of goodness that can get you fueled for your day.  I NEVER ate breakfast before (I know... SUPER BAD!) because I was on the go-go in the morning rushing around (and I still do this) getting my kiddo ready, getting myself ready and taking care of animals. PLUS, I would drink coffee (that would suppress my hunger) and then by lunch I was gorging myself.  Not eating for long periods of time and then stuffing my face was totally killing my metabolism.  So, now, I make a shake for breakfast and then drink it at work. 

So people ask me, "so, how do you make your shakes Sarah?!"  Well, I add Shakeology in my shakes every morning. I have packets of vanilla, chocolate and cafe latte.  Wow, are these shakes good and not to mention... they are SO FLIPPIN' good for YOU!  They are packed with your daily dose of dense nutrients to help you with energy, curb cravings, any gut issues you might have (like I used to have until I started these shakes), and honestly, when you're getting the right nutrition, you feel so dang good... I just can't describe it.  I have had people on different medications before starting these shakes and they are now OFF them!  INCREDIBLE!  I mean, they're even stopping some diabetes medications.  It's mind blowing.  I even have "preggo" ladies that have brought these shakes to their doctor to check over and the doctor was like, "Yes... keep taking them!" 

Depending on the flavor, I make different kinds.  I like to switch up my shakes because I am not trying to get bored with them!  Email me at if you want more information on Shakeology and/or if you would like some of my Shakeology recipes!!

But here is one of my favorites before you are off.  It is... Drumroll please...

Tropical Paradise- (I use Beachbody containers to measure out my fruits & veggies)

  • 1 container of watermelon
  • 1 container of pineapple
  • 1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened)
  • 1 container of almonds (optional)
  • 1 scoop or packet of vanilla Shakeology

Make sure you blend well and enjoy!  I have come to find out that when you use an umbrella in your drink, it helps to actually feel as though you are on some tropical beach with your feet up, watching the waves.  Maybe that's just me, but I'm just sayin'! 


  • Workout & sweat equals amazing benefits, and doing it in the morning is best.  (If you need awesome workouts that don't take hours at the gym, check out my coaching services page or, once again, email me at
  • Showering makes friends (haha I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself!! Lol).
  • Shakes are the shiz'nit, especially Shakeology ones!