Want to Change Something and Just Haven't?

Okay, before you start reading this, I need you to think of a couple things for me and keep it in your head, while you read this whole post. Yes?  Sweet, thank you!  So here is what I want you to think of... What is one thing in your life you are NOT happy with?  Think about it, think about it.  Got it?  Perfect; now keep that thought in the front of your brain.

Now, regardless of which thing you picked to focus on and is in the front of your brain, for the majority of us, it is going to be related to either happiness - more connection with our significant other and/or our children, loving ourselves, etc. OR health - getting healthy, losing weight, etc.  A lot of times we are always just wishing or praying for these things to change.  Really, it isn't just about wishing or praying for it (which is a start)... It's about DOING it!   Being happy and healthy are things we have to work on daily.  It is a conscious decision to work on this daily.  We might look at someone who is positive, has what we want and go... 

"Damn! Look at them, they have it so easy, everything in their life is perfect, they have more time, they have more money," etc., etc., ETC.!

I am here to tell you that this is B.S. and it is NOT the case!  Those are ALL excuses that you are telling yourself because you're attempting to give yourself a pass.  Does it work?  Yes, for a while... but is it sustainable?  NO!  You only hurt yourself and ultimately your family with your continued excuses.  Does your family have your best version of YOU?  Do YOU have the best version of yourself?  Now, just to be clear... If you do not have the best version of yourself, I can tell you right now... your family certainty doesn't. Think about that... how could they?  If you are not giving back to yourself (and I mean truly giving back to yourself in positive ways like giving yourself time, working out, doing your hobbies, doing something that makes YOU happy); then how can you be completely available to them - you are not even completely available to yourself.  Now, when I say "your best version," do I mean you are meant to be perfect?  HELL NO!  That is not obtainable, but what is obtainable is being your best version!  Also, being the best version of yourself is a continuous process.  It is not something we master but that which we continue to work on.

Now, remember when I said all those excuses (remember this word) we say to ourselves, why we aren't where we want to be but someone else is?  We point the finger to the "easy" ways they're where we want to be and aren't.  Also, notice how I just called these EXCUSES?!  THAT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE! T hey are excuses that we give ourselves to make ourselves feel better and more comfortable with ourselves where we are in our lives, EVEN though we do not want to be.  That's because we are actually trying to stay comfortable in a spot, where we really aren't comfortable.  Now, why is that?  Why, if we are not truly happy or even comfortable with where we are in our lives, in our bodies or in our heads, would we make a conscious decision to stay in that same state, that same situation? T he answer is... because it is certain.  We know all about this place we really don't like, really aren't happy, etc.  BECAUSE it is certain and we won't fail if we don't even go and try.  You will just hold tight to those excuses for unhappiness, etc. because we know all about it and it is familiar & safe to us.  Trippy, right?!

P.S. Those people who we envy, if they truly are who we think they are, have to work at it every day It is way easier to be negative than it is to be positive, or to work at something vs. not, BUT that person makes the conscious decision to be positive and work at it!  That person makes a conscious decision to be healthy or positive!  AND if you're not being healthy or positive... these things will catch up to you one day.  If not today, another... unfortunately.

But is it unfortunate? Nope! YOU ARE MEANT TO WORK FOR IT!

We are meant to grow and to continue to grow as humans because as Tony Robbins says "if you're not growing, you're dying" and it's true. I f we could have things just handed to us, it wouldn't mean squat to us!  We have to continue to evolve and push ourselves, ESPECIALLY if we know what we are doing is not healthy for our bodies and/or our minds.  Sometimes, I will look at something and go... "now, if I do this, how is it going to help me?"  "How can I benefit from this in a positive way?"  AND, if I cannot answer those couple of questions with some real answers, I know it's probably not something I am looking to participate in.

Now, if you are struggling in one or both of these areas (health & happiness), you have to make a conscious decision to change whatever it is you've been unhappy with.  Are you unhappy with your weight?  Change it!  Are you unhappy in your job?  Change it! Are you unhappy in your marriage?  Change it!  Are you unhappy with yourself as a parent?  You guessed it...CHANGE IT! 

So, I hope I have made it completely clear that IT ALL STARTS AND ENDS WITH YOU!  xoxo

You have to start somewhere. You must be positive in the change you are wanting with an open mind and heart.  If you aren't, you will not be able to go far in your journey of change that you desire.  It is all about being proactive and consistent in the change you want in your life.  Accept the past and take hold of the present.

Now, if you have tried to change it and you feel like you haven't been able to on your own... I can help!  I am a Life Coach and a Beachbody Coach.  So, regardless of whether you're unhappy with your weight/health or personal parts of your life, I CAN HELP!  AND, let me tell you... it would be the best damn makeover you ever could have!!

If you're thinking, "I don't need help, I can do this on my own!"  Do it!  I just want you to be happy in your life, whether I am helping you or not.  Just know I am always here if you need me!

Personally, I tell people all the time, "I WANT IT ALL" and I truly do!  Now, I don't just wish for it... I work for it and it is something I work towards every day.  Whether you want it all or just want to focus on one area in your life and you need some guidance, I can be in your corner helping you get there!  We will set some goals and bulldoze through all obstacles to get them for YOU, for YOUR FAMILY, and for ALL the other people your happiness will rub off onto! 

Click on my Coaching page, fill the out form for which coaching service you are interested in for more information.  I also offer a FREE 30-minute Life Coaching Session AND the Beachbody Coaching consultations are FREE to decide which workout program best suits you (and monthly challengers are included)!