Acne, Blemishes, Dry skin, Wrinkles? Not Anymore!!


I have the most AMAZING beauty secret that will save you THOUSANDS (or more, if you're like me)!  AND, it's even simple!

Drum roll, please.....

Love me some ALOE!

Love me some ALOE!

And  HonEY !! (Click on the word "honey" to be connected to the kind I use!)

And HonEY!! (Click on the word "honey" to be connected to the kind I use!)


Raw organic honey and an aloe plant (not the stuff in the bottle that has green dye and alcohol - just the plant!).

I know you're thinking or even saying out loud... "What?!" Yes, just those two AWESOME things that mother nature blessed us with are incredible beauty products.

Now, to give you a little background, I had terrible skin from my lovely teens until about 27 years old.  I had angry, pimply skin.  As a teen, my family would even have discussions about why my skin was SO terrible at the dinner table and the different ways I could fix it (this was NOT my favorite dinner discussion!).  Nothing anyone told me to try (and I did!) helped my skin at all.  If anything, it became more inflamed after trying many different tactics!

Even after having my daughter, we were at a friend's get-together where there were white-frosted cookies for the children to decorate with different sprinkles or candies.  My daughter was so sweet and made a cookie that looked like a face with red sprinkles all over it.  Someone asked, "what did you make?"  My daughter proudly replied, "My Mom."  Everyone laughed because those red sprinkles were my terrible adult acne.  It was pretty embarrassing!  (although, at that same time, my daughter warmed my heart).

To get my skin clear, I tried every product that came on TV; natural washes and moisturizers, but my skin remained red with pimples and inflamed.  In doing this, I honestly spent so much money on $100 facial treatments and expensive washes, etc. until a forever best friend told me about some natural method she came across for acne.

So, let's cut to the honey on how to obtain lovely skin!  On to the supplies!!!


You will need raw organic honey.  I buy my amazing honey on Amazon!  Give this honey a try -- it not only is great for your skin, but it tastes pretty great too,!  Hehe!


Buy an aloe plant... yes, the actual plant and NOTHING else!  The dyed green gel that is in a bottle of "aloe" (as they call it) is not to be used on your face for this, or just not ever (can you tell I'm not a fan?!  OK, good!).  This bottle of "aloe" is full of other things (which most ingredients I probably can't pronounce) but also has alcohol, which will just dry you out (and that is not what we are trying to do to your skin).  We will not be stripping that lovely face of yours!  You can buy an ALOE PLANT at Walmart, or maybe your local plant shop.

OKAY!  Are we supplied up with our natural goodies?  Excellent, on to the... 


Now the honey is going to be your face wash and... well, let's say the aloe will be your moisturizer or toner.  But honestly, it is doing both and probably even more!

Get your face damp with warm water and then scoop honey out of the jar with your pointer and middle finger.  You will want about the size of a dime or a quarter size of the amount of honey. Now, take that honey and rub it on the tips of your fingers with both hands, as you would with any other wash.  Then apply honey onto your face with your fingers moving in a circular motion all over that gorgeous and about to be gorgeouser (is this a word.. NO!  But that's cool !) face!  Rub honey all over face and neck. 

Then, when you have thoroughly cleaned your face, just rinse off with warm water again. OH NO! Did you get some in your mouth??  Excellent :)  The hazards of washing your face are just so dang good!  Sweet treat and calm soothing skin reactive!

P.S.  wash face in the morning and at night

Now... onto ALOE!

After you have let your face air-dry, cut up some aloe... how you ask?  Great question...

Cut the leaf closest to the bottom of the plant, cutting it away from the core of the plant.  Don't cut the actual core though!!  You want to keep this plant alive!  Then, when you have your long lovely aloe leaf, cut it about an inch from the part you already severed.  Now that you have the inch cut off from the bottom of the leaf, just cut that piece in half so you have two, 1/2-inch pieces (you only need one of those pieces, save the other for the next day) and just apply the one piece to your skin.  Use the fleshy part of the leaf to apply evenly to your face and neck).  If this starts to tingle... that's OK!  It's working.  Once it dries, you will feel like you had a facelift!  Do not wash the aloe off.

P.P.S. I recommend using the aloe only at night (as I am not sure how aloe is in direct sunlight, but honestly, I have used it during the day in pimply breakouts).

My Results

Honestly, I saw and felt results instantly after doing this regimen ONCE!  My skin felt and looked calmer.  Gradually, my skin got better with every day that I did my routine and I have never stopped since I tried it that first day... 7 years ago.  I don't use anything on my face (not counting sunscreen). I never realized how angry (this is the only word I can use to describe it) my skin really was.  I mean, it didn't look happy and it sure didn't feel like it.  Ever since then, I will get the occasional blemish, but nothing compared to before, AND people think I am 10 years younger than I really am (I give a lot of credit to this regimen for that).  Also, on occasion, I have actually received compliments on how my skin looks too! 

Now, I hope you give this regimen a try and that it helps you as much as it has helped me. COMMENT BELOW on how this worked for you or if you have any questions!