Why Am I NOT Accomplishing My Goals?

Great question... so glad you asked!!  Hehe

There are a few answers to this question.  Before we dive in and you read this post...  let's see if it even applies to you, shall we?


  1. The goals you gave yourself this year - have you started on them?  If you've answered "yes," for how long, and are you close to accomplishing them?
  2. Have you been in "Green light/Red light" mode?  (Meaning you start, stop, start, stop... in those goals.) 

If you answered "NO" to any of #1's questions and
"YES" to #2's question... 


So, you are in the right place...  EXCELLENT!
Let's get on with it then!

So you followed ALL the things from January's post about tackling and accomplishing your goals, called New Year, New Goals But First... Getting Your Sh!t Together to Do It!  BUT still, you aren't there!  Well, that's because you are holding yourself back, my dear.  We can schedule, write and plan ALL we want, BUT if your MIND isn't in the right place, you're like a dog chasing its tail, and that is ONLY CUTE when dogs do it (for like 5 seconds).

STOP going on a merry-go-round with your goals and whatever you WANT and NEED to accomplish for yourself, your family and YOUR SANITY!!  Hop off that ride and let's take a deeper look!


You NEED these 3 things:

  1. Mindset
  2. A Routine
  3. Deadlines

And yes... in this order!!  At times, you will have to refer back to number one when you feel yourself waivering, and THAT'S OKAY!

Starting with numero uno (#1 - I got you!)

YOU HAVE GOT TO, GOT TO be in the right mindset to accomplish ANYTHING.  Otherwise, you are just going nowhere FAST!  Get pumped, psyched, stoked, motivated and inspired to CRUSH your goals!  Think of what you're doing it for, how it can help you, and how you'll feel after you FINALLY get there, etc.!  Write it down in one of the items you purchased from here AND put it on your fridge, on a white board... where you can see it.  Make it visible so you can't help but see it!! 


If you have this in your face, in your mind, and in your spirit, with the desire to accomplish and CONQUER.

You must have a burning desire to accomplish this or it wouldn't happen.  You might be like, "well, I don't have a burning desire to do the dishes but I do them."  We do dishes and other brain-powerless things that don't give us a hunger or a drive BECAUSE it's habit.  We put ourselves on autopilot to do them.  We already have been doing them forever (or not doing them, and that's a habit too! lol).  Open yourself into a growth mindset and get OUT OF YOUR FIXED MINDSET and I promise you... you will go on to to do more than just accomplish some goals. 

It will serve you well.

Now, onto...
OK, so now you can taste the goal you're about to CRUSH, SMASH, SHOW WHO'S BOSS!  (Flex those mind muscles!  Haha)

If you don't give yourself a routine and schedule in time to accomplish it, how in the world are you supposed to get to your goal??  Umm... you can't!  You have to schedule time to do it!  Now, if you're already going, "Well... I don't have enough time, enough money, it can wait,"  PLEASE REPEAT #1 MINDSET. You are talking yourself out of your goals before you've even started.  


See why mindset is so important??  Yes, you are busy.  
Yes, you have a lot on your plate.  Yes, you're tired.  Yes, it might cost some money.  

And also, I would like to formally welcome you to the club!!

All of us are busy, don't have the extra money, etc., BUT THAT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU!  It is just an obstacle.  We all have a lot to do, to accomplish in our everyday life.  If you aren't hungry for your goal, if you don't truly want or crave it... it won't be happening, my friend.

Sooooo, clearly I went on a side note and back to mindset. I cannot stress to you enough that you HAVE to have this.

But now back to our program
(said in a cheesy news reporter voice!  LOL)

ROUTINE... Get up an hour earlier (or even more).  I can already hear you, "well, I'm not a morning person!" Well, welcome to that club too!  Get yourself in a healthy habit and another routine.  I HATE to tell people to stay up later, I'd rather you get up earlier.  Get up before the whole house does.  Enjoy the firing brain activity (maybe coffee can help and the 3 S's Routine with that!).  Enjoy the silence.  Enjoy the peace and love yourself a little more. 

We all are busy beings.

We don't have the time, but we HAVE to MAKE the time!  So do what will work for you, but you know what I STRONGLY suggest as far as when to make the time (IN THE MORNING! Lol- Not subtle?  Hehe, GOOD!) 

Onward and Upward...

Deadlines are important if you actually want to seal the deal and mark DONE on this! Having this deadlines so you can see them daily is key. For me, I have a giant white board that has it all broken down for me in the different categories what I want to achieve and accomplish.  If you are a procrastinator (quick, look away... if I make eye contact, I might look guilty!) this is VITAL for you!  
YES, YOU... don't look away! LOL

change begins

I want you to make a deadline that makes you squirm a little. That draws a couple beads of sweat, BECAUSE you will get moving on this goal and won't feel like you have all the time in the world.  You can accomplish this goal quicker than you think.  WHY WAIT and space it out??

I had a client tell me the other day... "you have to walk before you can run."  Ummm... NOPE (My daughter at 8 months proved that WRONG!!)   Right there, we have given ourselves a way out, an excuse to go comfortably slow.  Just sprint for it!  Don't crawl, don't walk, don't run... SPRINT!  Maybe you have to work up to sprinting for a long distance and might be out of breath (figuratively speaking) BUT you can start doing it NOW!  Now, some days WILL be harder than others, but... 

"As long as you smile for 5 hours and
cry for 1...  you're doing good!"

- Ricardo Ortiz (my brilliant boyfriend) 

There's truth to this quote.  You need to give yourself a bit of an uncomfortable deadline and start working for it right away.  None of this... "next week" stuff, "next month," "when I get paid next."  Work on making it happen NOW!  Waiting only hurts you... it does NOT help you! 

So now you're pumped, empowered, motivated...
now it's time to make it HAPPEN!

As I stated above, there will be periods when you wavier between the 3 steps BUT that is TOTALLY normal! Lots of times it comes back to mindset.  When you feel defeated, take a breath, a step back (I only said a step back - not plural) and then JUMP RIGHT BACK INTO IT!  At these times, revive your hunger, your purpose, and get your mind back in check.

You can do these 3 things to bounce back:

  1. Look at your Daily Dose of Quotes  or a collection of quotes you have to help you to continue on your path
  2. Workout!  This can help relief so much stress, I canNOT tell you!
  3. Get out in nature

So, if you follow these steps to accomplish your goals and it still isn't happening for you... let's get you scheduled for a FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session.  Something inside you is holding you back.  Maybe you know what it is but you can't break it.  Maybe you think you know what it is, but it could be something different.  Maybe you have no idea but you keep coming back to failed attempts.  DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP!  You just need some help.  We can work together with different life coaching methods I use as a certified Strategic Interventionist.

Sarah Lacko  Inspirational Life Coach and Health & Fitness Coach Helping inspire changes that ripple throughout your life!

Sarah Lacko
Inspirational Life Coach and Health & Fitness Coach
Helping inspire changes that ripple throughout your life!

You CAN live the life you want.  You CAN stop feeling stuck and unsatisfied.  You CAN stop feeling alone or removed from your own life.  We just need to work together, figure out what is it and power through it TOGETHER!