Turning Pain Into Growth

Have you ever noticed the cracks and carved paths in the earth from the water flow of rain and melting snow that drained down from the hills?

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 6.57.50 PM.png

Have you noticed that, in those cracks, there is life. Actual, visible life, with trees growing, greener grass and bushes gathering together among the flowers blooming in and around them.

I think of these paths in the earth as being similar to events in our lives.

 There are hardships.

There are stormy times.

There are breaks. 

Difficult times and events that can carve paths of pain, weakness and instability, but from those paths can be such growth.  Such paths can turn pain or hurt into something brighter and more meaningful.

Those weaknesses in the earth allowed something else to grow and, because of the carving in the earth, it provided more water to feed that growth and spread it out farther than before.

Think of the paths that might cause you pain now or in your future.  Then think about how you can turn them into something beautiful.

Create YOUR beauty and find out where that path leads you 🙌🏻